Farm fresh market under the pine trees

The best way to spend a Saturday

The Farmers Market on Manning was launched
on the 5th of December 2009.

Situated under towering pine trees, lush green grass and manicured rose beds, the community has embraced the relaxed, casual style of Saturday morning shopping.

The Market came about after the Market Manager and his family were discussing the number of hours spent on the weekends for over four years visiting various markets in search of fresh organic and conventional produce, grower direct.

The consensus was: wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a grower direct one stop market South of the River.

A market:
• With natural shade from huge trees
• With soft green grass under foot with birds chirping away
• With heaps of free parking
• Where families can relax and form new friendships
• Easy to locate

And so the FARMERS MARKET ON MANNING was born.